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Hello. I'm Steve.

I build, scale and lead

UX and design teams.

About Me

With nearly 2 decades of experience (from lean startups to online products used by millions), I can help organizations bridge the “now” with their “next”.
  • Head of UX and Design at Interfolio
  • Quantitative Research Experience
  • Advocate for accessible/inclusive design
  • Digital Anthropologist
  • American living in Vienna, Austria
  • Typography Nerd
What I contribute

Skills honed through experience

I bring a range of experience to my design work. I have a breadth of understanding of all parts of the design delivery and have robust understanding of the challenges involved in building and transforming design practices.

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UX Design

Core deliverables like wireframes, use cases and storyboards; to user flows, personas, and interactive prototypes.

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User Research

A balance of qualitative and quantitative research experience—from ethnography to think aloud protocols to product utilization analytics.

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Graphic Design

Yes, I love to sketch on whiteboards; but also am adept at creating iconography, vector graphics and font design. I 've also done page layout and publication design.

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Design Leadership

I have built out and scaled up numerous teams; handling recruitment for UXers, Info Architects, Designers, Content Strategists, and Front End Devs.

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Our field is only as strong as those who come after us. I am proud to say that I have been actives in formal mentoring programs as well as "coffees" with  voices new to the field.

My Portfolio

Looking for work samples?
Please reach out for the password for the portfolio section of my site. I'm always respectful to the clients with whom I've worked and NDAs.

How I Work

My Approach to UX

ux process flow diagram

User Experience and its processes (despite my innate preferences) are not always linear and clean. The approach taken with each client or team I have built has been slightly different. Noentheless, at its core, each has had common phases These phases may overlap or circle back to pivot in response to new learnings, user needs, or business conditions.

Is it Design Thinking, Lean UX, Dual Track Agile or another method? Meh, kinda sorta. All these (and more) have influenced my approach.



Determine the need: Set the stage for the "why". What is the busness need that intersects with user desires.



Observe, empathize, and engage with people to understand their motivations and experiences This is the time to learn and define the problem in the voice of the user.


Ideate (Sketch)

Generate Ideas. I love to do this on whiteboards (physical or digital). Lo-fi sketches of parts of the experience. Present the desired flow the user should take. Start small and tweak.



Translating the requirements into visuals to enable feedback and provide direction for build as well as can be used to get feedback from stakeholders and users.



I don't code (much); but that doesn't mean UX disappears when it is time to build. We pair with those who build to ensure that they know "the why" to help make choices.



Once built and after launch, UX should be reviewing metrics and looking at qualitative feedback on how the design is working for the busisness and users.


Clients & More

I have had the pleasure of working for and with some excellent organzizations. Here are a few:

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to share my experiences either through various speaking engagements as well as the volunteer and mentoring programs I participate in.

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 Speaking Experience 

  • Interfolio Virtual Summit 2020: Ask Me Anything
  • Dribbble Meetup Vienna 2019:  Switching Into Design Careers
  • TechBUZZ Fall 2018: UX/UI Roundtable 
  • DMAW EF Professors Institute 2016: Data Visualization in a Social & Mobile World
  • ASAE MMC Conf 2015: Info-graphics for the Social Sector
  • South By Southwest Interactive 2015: UI Patterns (Then & Now) Workshop
  • UXCamp DC 2015: UX+Agile =Huh?


  • AIGA DC—Design Continuum Fund 2016, 2017, 2018: Board Member  (Web Design)
  • Shine Mentoring Program 2016, 2017, 2018: Mentoring for Mid-Career Designers
  • Artist-in-Residence 2015: Salisbury University, MD
What Others Say

Some Kind Words

"Steve's passion for great design allows him to create trulybeautiful and unique solutions for any client's needs. Hisknowledge on design is endless and is always willing to teachothers. He is a natural born leader and is a truly compassionate and creative thinker."

Danielle Cameron

"Steve is one of the most effective communicators I've had the pleasure and privilege of working with. Under his direction...In addition to Steve's strong command of language and project objective, he possesses strong interpersonal skills that foster a positive working dynamic among his team members. He displays a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that makes others want to perform at their highest potential..."

Mindy Park Ryder

“...Steve consistently displayed the ability to juggle multiple large projects and deliver high quality results on time. He relates well with any personality type, treats his staff with respect and trusts in their abilities to complete the tasks they’ve been assigned...”

Matthew Olsen

“Steve is an excellent collaborator and a natural leader. ...He has a way of communicating complex concepts easily and excelled at engaging stakeholders and effectively selling his ideas...”

Crystal Neiweem

“Steve is an excellent mentor who always encouraged me to reach higher than I could imagine... The guidance I received from him would increase my confidence, challenge my self doubts, and craft a strong story in my portfolio and resume....”

Marie Claire Andrea

Steve is a true leader. Working with him was simply fantastic! ...Steve is the mentor type that many people seek. Fantastic team player, great sense of humor, always makes you feel like you’re part of something big...”

Maggie Biernacki

“Steve has great intuition and easily grasps user needs and business problems. He consistently takes complex workflows, tasks, and data and presents them in a way in intuitive and forward thinking ways.” 

Shehaam (Flot) Houkal

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Let's Chat

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